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Our pure white dance floors are a must if you are looking to lighten up a room or make a big impact on your special day.

The pure white dance floor is used to create a clean light focal point to any style of room. The floor is made from an acrylic material and has a nice shinny finish to it.

The white dance floor is used for weddings and special events. Brides just love this floor and why shouldn't they?It looks truely amazing!

If you can stretch your budget, why not explore the white LED plight starlit dance floor? This dance floor is at the top end of our flooring selection and is by far the most popular dance floor we have on offer.

Whether you are getting married or having a winter wonderland theme, the pure white dance floor is a must at your next party or function.

We can make the white dance floor to almost any size you require and will deliver anywhere in London or the surrounding area.

Please take the time view all of our products as you make a great saving when bulk ording the different service we have to offer and also only charge you one delivery charge.